Established in 1994, Sigma Specialized Inspection provides a full range of Non-Destructive Testing [NDT] and specialized inspection services. customized solutions are provided to the Oil & Gas, maritime, petrochemical, power generation and utility industries. 

As a company of Mazrui Energy Services, Sigma Specialized Inspection is closely tied to the group’s other business lines: SICHEM, Sigma Enterprises Company, Petrochem Performance Chemicals and Sigma Engineering Works, consequently benefiting from the expertise in these sister companies through knowledge transfer and project coordination.


Be the trusted partner to the oil and gas industry by providing technologies and services under consideration of the highest HSE standards to maximize the return of their investments.


  • 100% HSE & 100% Service Quality
  • Credible business partner for employees, clients, principles and investors
  • Long term business sustainability


At Sigma Specialized Inspection, we are passionately committed to the environment, our community, our employees and our shareholders. We maintain the highest standards in quality, integrity and accountability to be a credible partner across the industry.